What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the modern analog to traditional marketing. In an age of Internet and e-commerce, Digital marketing is what newspapers and magazines were in the past. The advertisements have moved past from traditional mediums to digital ones like social media, Mobile applications and Digital televisions. It is also more accurate and evaluates the campaigns through feedback.

Aspects of digital marketing

Digital Marketing has 5 key aspects. These are:

1) Mobile Consideration : The penetration and visibility of an advertisement is increased when it is customized for a mobile platform. Mobile phones have been an important medium in swaying customers decisions.

2) Search Strategy : Organizing and optimizing the website to suit customer needs and requirements while also ensuring it is ranked high on the search engines.

3) Content : Primary focus of any Marketing Campaign should be its content. With the overload of data available to prospective customers, fresh and relevant content will enable them to make informed decisions.

4) Social Media Marketing : Social Media Marketing has proven to be a platform to increase brand presence and be a channel to advertise the products and services. Digital agency in Singapore believes social media marketing will replace traditional marketing in the near future.

5) Engaging website Visitors : Retaining customers who visit the website is another important aspect of Digital Marketing. It is done through personalized email campaigns.

Digital marketing and business

We live in a world that is fast paced and ever connected. Gone are the days when you trusted your local vendor or supermarket to give you the best at the best rates. Billboards have been useful in the past to advertise new products and services, but today we are all carrying a billboard in our pockets. The amount of time we spend connected to the internet is an indicator that shows our dependency on social media. Leveraging this time as an opportunity to sell products and services has revolutionized the industry. Internet has enabled us to connect with vendors and services across the globe. As in the real world, digital marketing has also increases the competition by a global level. Websites and companies are competing against each other and extensive digital marketing will be the key difference between them.

Market research shows that about 99% of Singaporeans own a smartphone. There is a market demand and online marketing agency in Singapore should be able to capitalize on this opportunity. Digital Marketing will ensure you do not miss out on success.

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